Oct 272015
Google's Searches now determined by 'intelligent' machines, and this is only the beginning

Even the people at Google at Google find it surprising – ‘intelligent’ machine thinking is now the third most important ranking factor. Considering there are over 200 ranking factors and that these are early days for artificial intelligence, we can expect the traditional concept of SEO to morph into a query-based, less link-dependent discipline.

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Oct 172014
SEO success factors - the periodic table

The SEO table of success factors has been around for a while, but recently Search Engine land has come up with an updated version, where, crucially, content has a much bigger role to play in the scheme of things. Here is the latest incarnation of the table:             Recent changes […]

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Aug 262014

Not directly related to SEO or Online Marketing, but this is a very interesting video about what motivates us to do well. As it turns out, it’s far more complicated than just financial rewards, both within an organisation and in a more general context.     Enjoy! It made me think a bit…  

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Jun 032014

Technical SEO knowledge is a must nowadays for any SEO professional who wants to stay in the industry and be successful. In a context where being an all-rounder is no longer a bonus, but an everyday necessity, let’s look at HTTP status codes and how we can use them. In brief, when a web server […]

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May 192014

User generate content, or UGC in its abbreviated form, has significant benefits for the brand and the way it is perceived by the customer, but within the right settings it can also boost SEO. Here are the main reasons why. The main distinction is centred around differentiating between the marketing speak and the customer speak, […]

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Mar 102014

Well into 2014, post numerous Pandas and Penguins, and Matt Cutts is still saying quality Search results are dependent on using links in the ranking algorithms’ – no news then? Well the answer while the ingredients for good SEO have largely remained the same, but the recipes have changed dramatically. Competitor analysis  For many years […]

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Dec 022013

1. Aim to be an all-rounder Being an SEO or link builder exclusively is no longer enough. The Search landscape has changed (surprise!), and this time it has changed radically. A healthy mix of SEO, SEM, even PPC, Social and Analytics is the best recipe for success, both strategically and tactically. 2. Make friends with […]

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Sep 052013

Significant changes are reshaping the online landscape and as these changes become part of SERPs and most up to date SEM practices, we can start to define, as much as possible, the recent additions to the long and complex list of ranking factors. Overall, the most recent changes are rolled out to reduce the manipulative […]

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