Mar 102014

Well into 2014, post numerous Pandas and Penguins, and Matt Cutts is still saying quality Search results are dependent on using links in the ranking algorithms’ – no news then? Well the answer while the ingredients for good SEO have largely remained the same, but the recipes have changed dramatically. Competitor analysis  For many years [...]

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Dec 022013

1. Aim to be an all-rounder Being an SEO or link builder exclusively is no longer enough. The Search landscape has changed (surprise!), and this time it has changed radically. A healthy mix of SEO, SEM, even PPC, Social and Analytics is the best recipe for success, both strategically and tactically. 2. Make friends with [...]

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Jun 102013

Another month, another update from Google. And Penguin 2.0 is a serious one, with implications fro many businesses as well as online marketing professionals. From search results to the way we optimize, the two cute little animals from Google – Panda and Penguin – have changed the online landscape forever. Matt Cutts mentioned a few [...]

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Mar 162013

The London distilled conference has become a good occasion to catch up with the recent trends in the ever changing industry of Search and to socialize with some really cool people – some top Search professionals are also top people full stop. Before I even start going through my personal highlights of the event, it [...]

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Dec 052012

The world of mobile and mobile optimisation is changing more rapidly than other fields – the average strategy planning spans in the industry go up to about 3 months and need to be reassessed at least quarterly in order to stay ahead of the game and incorporate new mobile devices that enter the market or [...]

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Oct 172012

For a long time, exact match domains have been the secret weapon of inventive SEOers, and although they are still valuable assets, Google and potentially other search engines are starting to target them with new algorithm updates. Let’s go through the immediate implications. Before we start, it is important to specify whether we are looking [...]

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Oct 012012

In the last year or so, Google’s revenue from paid search has increased by almost 50% – together with the landscape changing updates released over the same period of time, these are clear indications of what Google wants us to do – less SEO and more PPC. But hasn’t this always been the case? In [...]

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