Oct 172014
SEO success factors - the periodic table

The SEO table of success factors has been around for a while, but recently Search Engine land has come up with an updated version, where, crucially, content has a much bigger role to play in the scheme of things. Here is the latest incarnation of the table:             Recent changes [...]

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Aug 262014

Not directly related to SEO or Online Marketing, but this is a very interesting video about what motivates us to do well. As it turns out, it’s far more complicated than just financial rewards, both within an organisation and in a more general context.     Enjoy! It made me think a bit…  

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Jun 032014

Technical SEO knowledge is a must nowadays for any SEO professional who wants to stay in the industry and be successful. In a context where being an all-rounder is no longer a bonus, but an everyday necessity, let’s look at HTTP status codes and how we can use them. In brief, when a web server [...]

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Mar 102014

Well into 2014, post numerous Pandas and Penguins, and Matt Cutts is still saying quality Search results are dependent on using links in the ranking algorithms’ – no news then? Well the answer while the ingredients for good SEO have largely remained the same, but the recipes have changed dramatically. Competitor analysis  For many years [...]

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Dec 022013

1. Aim to be an all-rounder Being an SEO or link builder exclusively is no longer enough. The Search landscape has changed (surprise!), and this time it has changed radically. A healthy mix of SEO, SEM, even PPC, Social and Analytics is the best recipe for success, both strategically and tactically. 2. Make friends with [...]

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Jun 102013

Another month, another update from Google. And Penguin 2.0 is a serious one, with implications fro many businesses as well as online marketing professionals. From search results to the way we optimize, the two cute little animals from Google – Panda and Penguin – have changed the online landscape forever. Matt Cutts mentioned a few [...]

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Mar 162013

The London distilled conference has become a good occasion to catch up with the recent trends in the ever changing industry of Search and to socialize with some really cool people – some top Search professionals are also top people full stop. Before I even start going through my personal highlights of the event, it [...]

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