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AC Rank, Citation flow and Trust flow: updated link building metrics from Majestic SEO

It’s official: Majestic’s AC Rank has been rethought! From now on, it will be replaced by the more detailed and (hopefully) reliable Citation flow and Trust flow. AC rank will still be available upon creating a report for the site(s), but it will no longer be the principal indicator of link equity for internet domains and pages.

There are a few reasons why the specialists from Majestic, which is still one of the most used on line marketing tools among professionals ranging from SEO to PR, decided to update their primary indicator of link and site quality. The world of links, sites and digital marketing is becoming more and more sophisticated and a simple indicator of how many links point to a site is no longer sufficient – we need indicators of quality as well as quantity in order to get a useful representation of a site’s value.

From what conclusions we can make for now, the Citation flow is used to determine the number of links pointing to site, or in other words references to a domain on other sites. The trust flow deals more with the quality of links as well as the ‘social’ signals that make a site an acceptable member of the internet community. It depends on the site topic – gambling sites tend to have a lower Trust flow, the quality of inbound links and the quality of content.

In other words, a ‘solid’ site should normally  have a Citation flow of around 30 and a Trust flow of around 20. There is of course a correlation with AC rank – a ‘solid’ site of the above description usually has an AC rank of at least 6 and above.

The new Majestic flow metrics are good, however, the best way to assess how reputable a site is – you’ll never get a fully, 100% accurate picture, but as close to virtual reality as possible – is to still use a combination of tools that provide various quantitative and qualitative indicators on which you can make a decision.

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