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The world of  SEO has only recently started to be associated with mainstream thoughts on marketing and internet promotion, but even so it remains an area which is more often associated with confusion that clarity. In this post I’ll look at the difference between weak and bad links.

It is universally accepted a natural link profile includes numerous pages that are either new or not very powerful in SEO terms as well as no-follow links. I prefer to label these types of links as ‘weak’ mainly because they alone won’t considerably improve your rankings, but won’t damage your link profile either. Quite on the contrary, they are an important part of the linkscape or the link eco-system.

‘Weak’ links can include new pages – in fact most new pages tend to be not as powerful in terms of link juice, pages with few or no links pointing at them, or pages on new sites without much authority on the internet. Having many so-called ‘weak’ links, however, can help rankings, whereas ‘bad’ links can potentially damage your SEO prospects. ‘Bad’ links are links coming from ‘taboo’ sites, such as porn sites or other web entities with dubious reputation. The category can be extended to links from sites that have been banned or have received a penalty from Google or other search engines, link farms and sites with duplicate content.

So the there is quite a difference between ‘weak’ and ‘bad’ links. It is worth having a thought about the kind of links you associate a website with, particularly for link builders. In short, avoid ‘bad’ links or links from bad neighbourhoods, supplement weak links with strong examples and, above all, concentrate on keeping a natural link profile with the appropriate mix of brand/non-brand and relevant anchor text.

And last, but not least, as I keep saying, link building is complex and is not necessarily a job for everyone. Always try to place the links and sites you are link building to in the wider context of the internet as a social network, after all the web resembles the human society and is made of humans on the internet.

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  1. This is way more helpful than anyhtnig else I’ve looked at.

  2. Very concludent post, in addition I wanted to mention that if you get links from websites which have bad reputation, you also become associated with them. You can avoid this mistake by going through site comments. These comments will give you an idea about the authenticity of a particular website.

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