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It is not uncommon to have link builders working part-time. Because of this, a lot of the work ends up being done by students or anyone else who does the job as an addition to whatever keeps them busy for most of the time. This of course means link developers do not necessarily pay enough attention to detail and as a result it’s worth mentioning a few basic rules that everyone should adhere to.

First, links are difficult to get, especially good, topic-relevant links that  can contribute positively to the internet landscape overall. This inevitably leads us to the Blackhat/Whitehat issue, but more on this in another post. Before you place any link anywhere, think of the concept of link neighbourhood. Any sites with adult content, dating websites and other on line entities with dubious reputation should be avoided since they can cause your link building and the site you are link building to more harm than good. Just imagine how things work in the society we live in – similar socialisation patters aplly to the internet.

Then, ‘follow’ links are even more difficult to get. Not that you are expected to only get ‘follow’ links, since ‘no-follows’ are important for a natural link profile. Also, there is nothing wrong with ‘no-follow’ links – they can be used as good background noise for the overall link building campaign profile. More importantly, if you are instructed to ‘produce’, say, 50 links, do not exceed the recommended numbers! Specific instructions are there for a reason.

To maintain a good relationship with clients/employers etc only include good/active links in your reports. This will ensure there is minimum time wasted on sampling and rankings you are working on progress at regular intervals.Overall, be imaginative in your research a try to build a network of sites you could use on a regular basis. To ensure site owners are happy with your activity try to make a contribution to the site/topic rather that just leaving a comment with a link.

And last, but not least, make link building interesting for yourselves by being inventive and continuously learning about SEO and recent developments and ideas. Learning is always a good investment of time and energy.


 September 20, 2011  Posted by  SEO matters

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