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Using content as a driving force behind online marketing strategies

In the recent online marketing context, SEO is more and more interdependent with content strategies. From the older saying of ‘content is king’ to present days of performing as a business on the internet, more quality content for your website, within the targeted niche, is becoming increasingly important for anyone who wants to keep the pace with the industry.

But first things first – thinking like as SEO-er versus thinking like an all-round online marketing specialist. It’s been well known for a while that many people would place content into a few categories, for example quality content, average and low quality content. The last two were often referred to as ‘industrial’ content, which was never intended to win any Nobel prizes for literature, but was still unique and relatively decently written. Apart from these, duplicate content, which no longer brings any benefits and instead attracts penalties, is now out of the picture altogether. The picture that matters, anyway.

Generally, the benefits of good content can be listed as follows: it attracts relevant visitors, it helps build your site’s authority and attracts relevant, contextual links. The same as low-quality, potentially harmful links, content that in not unique is to be avoided at all costs. I guess the minimum requirements for decent content can be summarised with the following descriptives: unique, relevant and potentially shareable. It of course depends on the purpose and ambition for which content is created, but overall as long as the three mentioned criteria are met, your place on the web should be a good one to own.

The degree of difficulty increases when we have to deal with multilingual sites. Many of my customers create good content in English and then translate it (well) into other languages. Well translated content has nothing to do with duplication, and this approach seems to be both efficient and cost-effective.

Depending on the type of website, content strategies vary according to the needs of the business and the type of the audiences it is targeting. Casino websites will require completely different writing from a sports site, and educational websites will always require differently written content from more generic enterprises. Despite these facts being obvious and common sense, many businesses still make basic mistakes when it comes to planning and distributing content for online entities.

These ideas have so far focused on general aspects of content management. They are also the basics on which further layers can be built, but in the light of recent changes SEO will have to rely heavily on quality content in order to continue as an important marketing tool – links on their own are no longer a viable option.

 July 31, 2012  Posted by  SEO matters

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