Jul 202012

Conversion optimisation – the factors behind visitors buying on your site or deciding to look somewhere else

SEO is increasingly becoming integrated with other aspects of online marketing – social media, online PR and conversation optimisation are all interdependent and designing a coherent integrated strategy is key to online marketing success.

Driving traffic to a website is only half of the journey, as you would  ideally want visitors to convert. So how do potential customers make decisions and what is behind those decisions? Let’s get scientific for a moment:

The decision making process can be illustrated using the following formula:

C=4M+(3V+xI)-(yF+zA), where M is Motivation, V is Value proposition, I is Incentive, F – Friction and A – Anxiety. On the other hand, x, y and z are priority coefficients. Based on this representation, potential customers make their mind up on whether to buy or not on your site. There are a few practical considerations and ideas that result from the above – minor changes can result in significant conversion rate improvements.

To start with, it’s a good idea to ensure the message which is the first point of contact between your business and the customer is not an intrusive one – avoid asking for personal information at the very beginning in order to keep A – Anxiety – to a minimum. Instead, a good offer to motivate potential buyers should ensure they stay on your site and buy your product rather than you competitors’.

Another common mistake is to have too many calls to action, which confuses the visitors. No call to action is equally bad, but having a good call to action in the right place – usually at the top and top left of the page – can significantly improve conversion rates.

From design to call to action, multiple factors influence conversation rates on a site, but even with minimum effort and by correcting some basic mistakes it won’t be long before you start seeing an improvement in results.

 July 20, 2012  Posted by  SEO matters

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