Jul 202012

Conversion optimisation – the factors behind visitors buying on your site or deciding to look somewhere else SEO is increasingly becoming integrated with other aspects of online marketing – social media, online PR and conversation optimisation are all interdependent and designing a coherent integrated strategy is key to online marketing success. Driving traffic to a […]

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Jun 142012

In the light of the recent updates, the ever-changing link metrics have shifted again – which options are acceptable now? Link valuation is probably the most ambiguous part of SEO, and to add to the confusion, regular updates from Search Engines constantly change the goal posts. The chess game between Google, site owners and SEOers […]

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Jun 072012

How to stay in the SEO game or the big SEO party is over I know people have been trying to bury SEO for a long time, but what actually happens every time major changes to algorithms are made is SEO has to change, and it does change because it has no choice. Following the […]

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May 252012

The world of SEO after the Google spring updates – winners and losers Compared to my last post, this should make easier reading. The dust has started to settle after the last major Google updates and at least we know what’s generally going on, which is a step in the right direction from the chaos […]

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Apr 282012

The recent Penguin update, according to Matt Cutts, was introduced to penalise low quality sites and target spam, but have innocent web sites also suffered as a result? Having seen a few examples, I’m inclined to think that not everything went as smoothly as intended (or not?) by Google. I noticed that the PR of […]

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Feb 232012

SubDomain vs SubDirectory: site architecture and SEO It is universally accepted that SEO considerations should be part of any site’s architecture. We have several architectural options, such as multiple domains, sub domains and sub directories. As an example, we could look at seomatters.eu and seomatters.ro, ro.seomatters.eu and seomatters.eu/ro. The most suitable option should be chosen […]

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Jan 202012

When keyword research is done and you get a feel for what the market and the competition are like, the next step is to work out a mapping strategy and associate your targeted keywords with the right pages. This process is fundamentally important for optimisation and if coordinated correctly, it will be the basis on […]

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Jan 032012

Social sciences and SEO – a personal take on search engine optimisation as a discipline It is quite common among both professionals and amateurs to debate on the nature of SEO as well as what the best approaches for optimisation are. I expressed my own opinion on another page – What is SEO, but even […]

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Dec 022011

SEO benefits – rankings, new visitors and brand awareness There are many benefits of SEO, and some sides of search engine optimisation are often overlooked. Mainly, these can be categorised into three groups: improvements in rankings, which naturally lead to more visitors and clients from organic sources, visitors arriving via the links placed as part […]

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Nov 222011

Long tail SEO – how to approach it in order to get the most out of optimisation Optimising for specific keywords varies according to the type of target to be optimised. There are three main types of targets when it comes to optimisation: short tail, mid-tail and long tail SEO. Optimising for short tail requires […]

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