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Off-site search engine optimisation: the only constant is change

Introduction: the world of online marketing and particularly off-site SEO is a constantly changing one. Strategy and its immediate applications are normally revised every few months and recently the pace of changes has significantly increased. There are multiple causes for this increase, among which Google’s ambitions are at the centre of most dynamics. Google still onws over 80% of the Search engine market and this truly monstruous share makes them the most important player in the industry. Other notable players include Bing, Duckduckgo and partially Yahoo. Here are the main points of my improvised SWOT analysis for off-site SEO:



-links are still very powerful and STILL THE ONLY practical way of ranking sites, despite social media and other signals gaining in importance

-Off site SEO benefits include increased site authority and visibility to new potential customers, better Brand awareness and additional visitors that come through the placed links and the outreach work

-As more and more people are getting online, digital marketing, including SEO, is surely bound to grow in importance, implicitly an investment in this area is also an investment in the future of marketing



-there are many challenges for off site SEO, the most important of which are the algorithms change often, it is hard to establish the value of a link and managing link building is one of the hardest tasks in online marketing

-It is hard to measure SEO generally and off site activities particularly: tracking does not always represent an accurate picture of new acquisitions and revenue

-it is hard to promote SEO within organisations as not many people understand it



-Through a good presence in Search engines, a business can acquire new customers that wouldn’t otherwise find the site, especially for non-branded keywords

-The online realm is only going to grow with time, and with it your business if you can guarantee a significant  presence of your business on the internet

-Online customer acquisition and business  management are financially rewarding as well as facilitated by technology



-Negative SEO: although Google says (through Matt Cutts) it is not an issue, there are facts to prove the contrary

-Penalties: over optimisation and other penalties can be triggered by ‘unusual’ link building activities and patterns

-Bad publicity: linking to potentially damaging sites can attract unwanted attention that can generate negative PR


Conclusion: despite multiple challenges, if competently managed, off site SEO has an important part to play within digital marketing strategies of a business and most future developments of online marketing.


 August 1, 2012  Posted by  SEO matters

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