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Most SEO professionals will agree that to succeed at the art of search engine optimization more than just job dedication is needed-it takes a certain type of person-competitive, hungry and creative. There are no safety nets or guarantees-rankings fluctuate, although in patterns, and continuous effort is expected in order to have a chance at improving or at least maintaining positions in the search engines.

There are updates, competitor activity, linkscape and other factors to take into consideration when researching, planning and implementing SEO and link building strategies. Also, attention to detail is as important as always, despite automatic submission software and the like. As a link builder, the challenges faced will be very different to the problems an SEO manager has to deal with, for example. If gaining enough trust on blogs and forums in order for them to allow posts with sneaky html in them is hard enough, think about the dodgy link sellers, loss of agency in management chains and pressure to perform that any senior SEOer is faced with on a regular basis.

All the above relate to my statement about the determination and competitiveness necessary to succeed as an SEO warrior. Of course it’s Google’s job to update the algorithm and ‘correct’ suspicious ranking fluctuations, primarily because their entire business model is based on displaying the best search results for customers around the world, but at the same time link builders and other SEO merchants are an important part of the online eco-system, which makes me believe that SEO is here to stay, despite numerous attempts to bury it.

Stay around it will, and so will various surrounding issues, but in order to do so SEO ‘artists’ will have to become Martial artists to cope with the increasingly complex search engine and internet reality, and that’s the only way SEO will continue to be seen as a marketing strategy worth investing in.

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  1. many people have repeatedly buried SEO as an efficient marketing strategy, but it only improves and adapts to new circumstances, that’s all, I think it’s there to stay

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