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SEO benefits – rankings, new visitors and brand awareness

There are many benefits of SEO, and some sides of search engine optimisation are often overlooked. Mainly, these can be categorised into three groups: improvements in rankings, which naturally lead to more visitors and clients from organic sources, visitors arriving via the links placed as part of SEO link building campaigns, and depending on the sources this can be a valuable addition to the total of visitors to a site, and benefits for brand. As an additional point, it’s worth adhering to relevant sites when link building, that way the potential for visitors, as well as better rankings, will be improved.

First things first – SEO benefits from organic search results are at the centre of optimisation and if done well, link building can bring great results. Including keyword research, competitor analysis and link building strategy, off site optimisation can be hard to manage because so many factors have to be considered. Depending on the competitiveness, keywords progress in search results, but since most visitors concentrate around the first page and the first three positions, considerable traffic is only achieved when ranking in the first three and, of course, when ranking #1, which attracts about 45% of visitors for that keyword or phrase. Search engine optimisation, when approached professionally, is a great source of customers for any business or enterprise.

Apart from the more or less obvious benefits from improved rankings, visitors coming through the links placed as part of off site optimisation are also an important source of customers. They are not tracked the same way affiliate links are because affiliate-type links don’t work for SEO, but if placed on relevant sites can bring a significant number of visitors interested in your site. This takes us to the broader topic of optimising for people rather than search engines alone and seeing the internet as an on line community, but more on this in another post.

The last of the three already mentioned benefits of SEO revolve around brand promotion and awareness, namely making your brand visible and accessible to a wider audience and customers you wouldn’t otherwise have reached. In heavily regulated markets, particularly in gambling-related industries, SEO brand promotion might also be one of the very few available ways of e-marketing a product. Overall, rankings, additional referred visitors and increased brand awareness and promotion are the main SEO benefits that could gain your business improved exposure to potential new customers and markets.

The main difference between SEO and other sources of marketing is that potential customers are looking for your business/products rather than the other way around, and that makes SEO a less intrusive marketing approach – interested surfers find your business through search engines’ results at their own initiative. With the number of internet surfers growing, SEO will only gain in importance, but expect competition to grow just as much.

There are several SEO benefits ranging from an increase in traffic to your web site to brand awareness, the best thing to do is to establish what SEO priorities are right for your type of site and then optimise according to your objectives and presence on the internet.


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