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How traffic is distributed between the first 10 positions of the first page 

When it comes to representing SEO in numbers, one of the most frequent questions is: how do we measure SEO? Shortly followed by: what is a position on the first page worth? Well, a good place to start is a representation of clicks distribution on the first page:

C distribution









This leaves us with only 4.09% of clicks/traffic for a particular term going to the second page and further in SERPS, with most of it going to the first place on the second page – just over 1%. The remaining positions on page 2 attract less than 1% of clicks.

It is worth noticing the share of traffic for the first five positions has increased compared to previous years, which might indicate the effect of paid search on organic results.

The conclusion seems inevitable: if you are not on the first page, you are nowhere. Although these numbers may vary slightly across Search engines and territories, the unequal distribution of traffic across positions is largely representative.

 October 22, 2014  Posted by  SEO matters

  6 Responses to “SEO in numbers – click distribution on the first page”

  1. Why so much difference in percentages on one page?

  2. Because most people click on the top positions that are most visible on the screen/page 🙂

  3. Is there a ranking list about the percentages of different pages?

  4. The ranking list, or algorithm, is the same for all pages 🙂

  5. I got slightly different results when I downloaded the data from GWT for my niche. Do you think it varies much across the different niches?

  6. It does vary, depending on the industry and particularly phrase – ‘reviews’ for instance tend ta have a more even spread of clicks than other search terms

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